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Robert Chigangaidze

Lecturer in Social Work
School of Social Work, Care and Community

Robert is a social worker with special interests in mental health, social justice and developmental-clinical social work. Robert's scholarship targets health inequalities and holistic well-being. Robert specializes in the integration of both clinical and developmental social work theoretical perspectives to understanding human behaviour.

Robert is a Lecturer in Social Work (Part Time)

Robert was registered as a Clinical Social Worker with the Allied Health Practitioners Council in Zimbabwe from 2014. He is a registered Social Worker with Social Work England. Robert has seven years experience as a Medical Psychiatry Social Worker. In his role, Robert contributed to the assessment, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of behavioural, emotional and psychological problems. He participated in the formulation of Substance Abuse National Treatment Guidelines in Zimbabwe. Robert has contributed in forensic social work and expert witness reports to Courts on complex mental health cases in Zimbabwe. Robert was invited on several platforms of knowledge exchange where he contributed to the training of the multidisciplinary team members. In this regard, he has presented several guest lectures at the University of Zimbabwe, Department of Psychiatry and the Midlands State University, Department of Psychiatry.

As an author, Robert has published in International Journals (Routledge). His first publication was on theorising the African Philosophy of Ubuntu as part of the Humanistic-Existential Social Work. In response to COVID-19, he has published on the Biopsychosocial and Ecological Systems Approach to understanding the risk factors and effects of the pandemic. As part of community engagement, Robert was involved in the training of hundreds of Voluntary Youth Workers of the Methodist Church in Zimbabwe for five years. Robert continues to engage in programmes that empower young people.

  • Awarded University Book Prize, 2019 [Midlands State University]
  • Human rights and clinical social work
  • Mental health and social justice
  • Public Health
  • Critical social work
  • Ubuntu philosophy
  • Developmental-clinical social work
  • British Association of Social Workers [Member]