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photo of Mark Dooris

Professor Mark Dooris

Professor in Health & Sustainability, Co-Director, Healthy & Sustainable Settings Unit
School of Community Health and Midwifery

Mark co-leads the Healthy & Sustainable Settings Unit, the only unit of its kind in the UK, with a remit to support and facilitate the holistic and integrated development of the place-based healthy settings approach. With a particular interest in collaborating across disciplines and institutions to carry out action-focused research and development exploring the connections and interfaces between the health and wellbeing of people, places and the planet, Mark is also Co-Director of the Institute of Citizenship, Society & Change.

Building on the Healthy & Sustainable Settings Unit’s experience of managing programmes in and across a range of settings, Mark has worked with colleagues to generate new conceptual frameworks and build a theoretical base to inform policy and practice. He is chair of the International Health Promoting Universities & Colleges Steering Group; co-ordinates and co-chairs the UK Healthy Universities Network and is a member of Universities UK’s Mental Health in Higher Education Advisory Group. Within the University, he is a member of both the Climate Change Strategic Group and the Healthy & Sustainable University Group. Mark's team is keen to strengthen action-focused and evaluative research with a particular focus on nature, green space and health; healthy and sustainable cities, communities and place-based settings; universities; and criminal justice settings.

Mark studied Human Sciences at Oxford University and Health Education at Southbank Polytechnic. He has also completed the National Public Health Leadership Programme and undertook his Doctorate at Deakin University (Australia). With a background in health promotion, public health, community development, environmental policy and strategy co-ordination, Mark has worked in multiple roles within the health service, voluntary sector, local government and higher education. Mark joined the University in 1995, with responsibility for establishing a new 'Healthy University' initiative. He subsequently became Principal Lecturer and Reader, prior to be appointed Professor in 2012. From 2007-2011, he chaired the International Union for Health Promotion and Education’s Global Working Group on Healthy Settings; and from 2011-2014 was responsible for co-ordination of the UK Healthy Cities Network and operational delivery of the WHO Collaborating Centre for Health in Prisons. As well as publishing widely and undertaking consultancy work for the World Health Organization and Public Health England relating to Health in All Policies, Healthy Cities, community participation and sustainable development, Mark has delivered over 70 keynote presentations at conferences in the UK and globally.