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John Kiely

Senior Lecturer in Elite Performance
School of Sport and Health Sciences

John's research interests include: Planning and periodisation in elite sports; Athletic movement coordination; Decision-making in professional sporting contexts; The influence of stress and placebo in athletic preparation and performance.

Previous roles include:

Head of Strength and Conditioning for UK Athletics, lead Strength and Conditioning provider for the Athletics Association of Ireland, the Paralympic Council of Ireland, the Irish Amateur Rowing Association and Power training specialist for Munster rugby.

Some previous practical experiences:

S&C/RTP Coach, Egyptian squad, Football World Cup ('18)
S&C/RTP Coach, Irish Rugby Squad, 6 Nations, ('16)
S&C/RTP Coach, Irish Squad, Rugby World Cup ('15)
S&C/RTP Coach, Irish Rugby Squad, 6 Nations Winners ('15)
'Return to Play' (RTP) Specialist, Irish Rugby Squad, 6 Nations Winners ('14)
Performance & planning advisor, Laura Massaro, Squash World Champion ('13)
S&C coach, Triple-jumper Phillips Idowu, World Championship Silver ('11), European Championship Gold ('10), World Athletics Championship Gold ('09), Olympic Silver ('08)
Outside the sporting domain, I’ve consulted for both police and military services, and elite polar expeditions.

  • External examiner: Cardiff Met
  • Previously Youk St John