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Jane Samson

Senior Lecturer of Leadership and Communication
School of Medicine

Jane designed and leads the post graduate Certificate, Diploma leading to a Masters in Medical Leadership. Previously in the UK, Jane Samson led the largest UK Diabetes Specialist Nursing Team managing 10,000 people living with Diabetes in East London where 170 languages where spoken. Jane has also worked both in public and private healthcare organisations in the United Arab Emirates. As a published author, senior leader and as a successful entrepreneur Jane has rich experience in working with people and organisations to develop executives and team abilities. The development of potential in people has always been Jane's passion.

Jane proactively works with our NHS healthcare stakeholders, to develop areas of mutual interest and connection for not only academic program development but also shorter continuous professional development opportunities across our large Uk footprint. The School of Medicine attracts many international students to both the MBBS and Post Grad programs because of the flexible learning we offer. In addition the School of Medicine has various campuses around the world. The main support to the undergraduate Batchelor of Medicine and Batchelor of Surgery (MBBS) program Jane provides is as a Pastoral tutor, this pastoral support is available to all School of Medicine undergraduates and is in addition to the Wellbeing services that are offered centrally. Jane also supports the MBBS program with interviewing, induction attending/ co facilitating the annual trip to Wales, co facilitating the innovative bystander program. Jane is not involved with assessments or direct teaching to create a safe space that enables students to come to talk to friendly member of the team about Pastoral challenges they may be facing.

Jane Samson MSc, Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, Certified Executive and Team Coach brings 18 years of workforce development and empowering expertise. As an Associated Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation her coaching practice is in alignment with best practice, ethics and international standards. Jane has lived and worked in Europe, the Middle East twice spanning 8 years, New York City, and Atlanta Georgia before settling back in the UK with her family in June 2015. Jane Samson was the Managing Partner of True Evolution LLC, which was a licensed Abu Dhabi and UK entity. The areas of commercial work Jane has led are in the following fields; Health Care, Financial Services, Nuclear, HR, Banking, Entrepreneurship, Education, Non-profit, Project Management, Engineering, Automotive and Aerospace. She currently works for UCLan’s Post Graduate Team for the School of Medicine, which has hubs in West Cumbria, Preston and Burnley. Jane has designed and leads the Post Grad Medical Leadership Program for UCLan.