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Emma Law

Head of Ethics, Integrity and Governance Unit, PhD Student
School of Sport and Health Sciences

Emma Law has a background in Research Governance and Quality Assurance with expertise in research ethics and regulatory compliance for clinical trials. Emma is the Research Governance Unit Senior Manager at UCLan and held previous roles at the University of Liverpool. Emma’s research interests are Research Ethics and Integrity. She is currently a PhD student of Professor Doris Schroeder and Dr Kate Chatfield.

Emma leads the Research Governance Unit based within Research Services and is responsible for Clinical Research Governance, Research Ethics and Integrity, Human Tissue Governance and Governance of Animal Research across the University. Emma is currently studying for a PhD in Research Ethics with Professor Doris Schroeder and Dr Kate Chatfield.

Having previously worked in Quality Assurance in other industries Emma began working in Research Governance at the University of Liverpool in 2012 as a Quality Assurance Manager for clinical trials based in the Research Support Office. Emma then took on a broader role in the Research Support Office and became responsible for Research Integrity and Research Ethics and subsequently went to work in the Cancer Research UK funded Liverpool Cancer Trials Unit, with a leading role in quality assurance and regulatory compliance. During her time working at the University of Liverpool, Emma developed an interest in the ethical implications of clinical research as well as research integrity; choosing research misconduct as the subject for her MSc Thesis.