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Dr Susan Hilda Jones

Lecturer in Chemistry/Analytical Techniques & Environmental Toxicology
School of Natural Sciences

Susan, a Materials and Analytical/Environmental Chemist, has expertise in producing zeolite monoliths and carbon /zeolite composites. Her work in Nanoporous Materials Chemistry has already led to two US patents (2016 and 2019). Her materials have use in cleaning up the planet via Greenhouse gas (GHG), toxic industrial chemical (TIC) adsorption from the air and heavy /radioactive metal collection from wastewater (via ion-exchange). It is her intention to use these channeled high fluid transport zeolite monoliths to catalytically convert emissions to fuel.

Susan lectures in the areas of: Chemistry, Advanced Analytical Techniques, Forensic Chemistry and Forensic Toxicology. She is Module Tutor for two modules namely : Foundation Chemistry (Year 0) and Introduction to Chemistry for Students of Forensic Science (Year 1). Her teaching spans all years of the Forensic Science Course as she also Lectures in Analytical Techniques (Year 2), Forensic Chemistry, Chemical Analytical Techniques and Alcohol Toxicology (Year 3) and Advanced Analytical Toxicology (Year 4) and she generally takes on three or four 3rd Year dissertation or MSc. students per year. Along with environmental management i.e. greenhouse gas adsorption and ion exchange Susan’s materials can also be used as metabolic sieves and so have use in medical devices i.e. for non-invasive disease diagnosis (collection and concentration of biomarkers), kidney dialysis or to produce oxygen enriched air. Susan is on the Schools Health, Safety & Ethics Committee, is a member of the Business Development Group, the Athena Swan Committee, was a Staff Champion and the schools Aurora Women in Leadership representative (2020). She also owns her own company (Cage Concepts Ltd).

Having completed a M.Chem (direct 4 Masters degree - including a year in industry) in Analytical and Environmental Chemistry, followed by a Ph.D in Materials/Nanoporous Composites Chemistry - both at the University of Surrey, Susan then spent a year at Oxford University completing a PGCE teacher training degree; and following that a year as a newly qualified teacher (NQT) working in a number of Secondary schools in Surrey. Susan is keen to be the best lecturer she can be and to this end, whilst at the University of Central Lancashire, she progressed her teaching qualifications further and obtained her D1 &D2 certificates. Hence Susan holds QTS (Qualified Teacher Status) and is a Fellow of the Higher Education Authority - she uses the most up to date/tried and tested teaching methods to ensure she gets the very best out of each student. Students safety is also very important to her and this led to her studying for/obtaining the NEBOSH (National Examination Board Occupational Safety and Health) National Certificate in Management of H&S, Fire and Risk Management, Controlling workplace hazards and H&S Practical Application Certificates. A firm believer in student employability, and forging lasting collaborations/relationships with industry, in 2019 Susan organised a stand at the Advanced Materials Show in Telford to illustrate to the top 100 UK/International companies the work/enterprises being carried out at UCLan (receiving over 50 offers of collaboration over the course of the two day event). Prior to teaching she worked in industry for The Tetley Group (TATATM), the MoD (Dstl), Surrey University and MASTM carbon (a PhD KTP case study). Susan was also regional finalist (for Cheshire) in the Shell Springboard Competition and invited to Aberdeen to present her work to Shell and numerous funders. This exposure led to her being approached by the Aberdeen Oil and Gas Consortium and she is now regularly invited to engage with Shell for Energy Catalyst discussions in Manchester, Aberdeen and London (most recently at Mercedes-Benz World – 2019). She has demonstrated Fun chemistry experiments at the Surrey Skills Festival, Cold chemistry experiments at the Surrey Science Circus and organised events at the Lancashire Science Festival, she's created YouTube Science videos for the Youth Science Centre (YSC) RI/UCLan - winning the best demonstration trophy (in 2017). Was nominated for a SUGAR (Students Union Great Achievements Recognition) Award, for outstanding work in the category ‘Bringing Excellence to Student Led Liaison in Academia’ and was provided with a bursary to attend the American Ceramics Society (ACerS) Future Leader’s Program (FLP) in Baltimore, USA. She has been interviewed by Preston radio regarding encouraging more girls to take up STEM subjects as she is keen to inspire a love of science in other women/girls.

  • PGCE - Teaching Science (specialism Chemistry), Oxford University – 2011 - 2012
  • PhD in Materials/Nanomaterials/Composites Chemistry, Surrey University – 2006 - 2010:Dissertation entitled: Nanoporous Carbon/Zeolite Composites for the Adsorption of Greenhouse Gases (GHG’s) and Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TIC’s)
  • MChem, Analytical and Environmental Chemistry, Surrey University – 2000 - 2004 (2.1 Honours)
  • Regional finalist in the Shell Springboard Competition (Aberdeen - 2017).
  • Best teaching demonstration winner, Youth Science Centre, (YSC)/Royal Institution (RI) (UCLan - 2017) Nominated as a Future Leader and awarded a bursary to attend the American Ceramics Society (ACerS) Future Leader’s Program (FLP) in Baltimore (USA - 2014)
  • Nominated for a SUGAR (Students Union Great Achievements Recognition) Award for outstanding work in the category ‘Bringing Excellence to Student Led Liaison in Academia' (Surrey 2008)
  • Channelled, high fluid transport, zeolite monolithic structures and zeolite/carbon composite materials for use in medical devices (kidney dialysis, electronic breath materials) and for environmental pollution control i.e. adsorption and catalytic conversion of GHG’s and TIC’s to usable products/fuel and ion exchange for polluted waste water clean-up (radioactive elements, heavy metals etc.).I'm also interested in developing easy to roll out/process graphene nano-thin films for use in photovoltaics/solar cells.
  • Member of the American Ceramic Society (ACerS), the Royal Institution (RI), the Institute of Physics (IoP),the Institute of Minerals, Materials and Mining (IoM3),the Women’s Engineering Society (WES), the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) and Women in Materials (WIM).