Dr Stephanie Heys

Senior Nurse Lecturer , Midwifery Education consultant
School of Nursing


Dr Stephanie Heys is a registered Nurse, Midwife and senior nurse lecturer whilst also working for the CQC as a specialist advisor in maternity, obstetrics and acute nursing care. Stephanie has worked for the last ten years in East Lancashire in both Nursing and Midwifery roles. Funded by the National Institute for Health Research, her doctoral studies focused on reducing traumatic birth experiences through the design and delivery of an immersive educational programme for maternity professions, sensitising them to the potential for birth trauma amongst disadvantaged and vulnerable women. Experience includes working with industry, international organisations and key stakeholders in maternity focused on enhancing interpersonal care, utilising experiential educational approaches. Postdoctoral interests include the exploration of (dis)respectful maternity care and the role immersive education can play in addressing structural, systemic and interpersonal relations to improve women’s experiences. Stephanie also has an interest in simulated education, utilizing virtual reality technologies during her PhD to simulate the critical embodiment of the other to illuminate dehumanizing healthcare practices. Alongside her lecturing role Stephanie is currently working on an international project with the International Confederation of Midwives focused of the design and delivery of respectful care workshops in low-income countries. Human rights, maternal mental health and the psych-social needs of disadvantaged and vulnerable women in maternity services remain key areas of interest for future research projects.