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Dr Nasir Hameed

Senior Lecturer Medical Imaging, Academic Lead Medical Ultrasound
School of Medicine

Dr Hameed is the course leader for MSc medical ultrasound programme. He has extensive experience of teaching Ultrasound internationally and has contributed to similar programmes at Alzaiem Alazhari University Sudan, University of Lahore Pakistan, in addition to various Institutes in Iran, Bangladesh, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland and USA. In addition to ultrasound, Dr Hameed also holds postgraduate qualification in medical education. In addition to ultrasound, he teaches medical imaging to foundation years MBBS and MPAS students.

Senior Lecturer Medical Imaging: As senior lecturer in medical imaging, Dr Hameed is responsible for teaching medical imaging to undergraduate MBBS and MPAS students. He is the academic lead for developing, managing and delivering ultrasound contents in school of medicine's all ultrasound programmes including MSc medical ultrasound and various CPD ultrasound courses. He is leading a Pilot Project for incorporating ultrasound in Post Graduate Physician Associates Programmes. He also teaches ultrasound to the Anatomy and physicians associates faculty and clinical skills team for using ultrasound in anatomy and clinical skills teaching. He is also involved in two research projects dealing with detecting the growth patterns of biofilm with high frequency ultrasound and role of ultrasound in assessing the effects of pressure stockings on lymphoedema. He is also the 1st year MBBS e-portfolios tutor on professionalism.

Experience in Radiology in Pakistan before UK immigration: Dr Hameed started his career in radiology in 1994 by joining Radiology Department, post Graduate Medical Institute, Lady Reading Hospital Peshawar as Medical officer. He served on this post for about one and a half-year. For next two years, he served as M. Phil Radiology trainee Medical officer in the same hospital. After completing training in Radiology, he decided to take ultrasound as career and started practice with Dr. Khalid Mehmood Assistant Professor Radiology Hayat Abad Medical Complex Peshawar. In January 1998, he was selected as Head, Department of Ultrasound Khair-un-Nass Trust Hospital Peshawar Pakistan. This is the biggest Charity Hospital of the province with daily outpatients’ load of more than 500. During all these years, he constantly realised that all his education and experience was limited to Pakistan and felt the need to expand his experience and investigate the ultrasound practice in Europe, UK and USA. This led him to a great opportunity of clinical fellowship in ultrasound at Jefferson ultrasound research and education institute (JUREI), Thomas Jefferson university Pennsylvania USA. In this role, he had a chance to learn from Professor Barry B. Goldberg, who was among the few who worked on the world’s 1st ultrasound machine used for human scanning. This opportunity opened the new horizon for him as after completing the clinical fellowship, he was selected as a faculty member in JUREI’s teach the trainer programme for ultrasound education in twenty-two developing countries of the world. He was included in JUREI’s Middle East branch as senior faculty member and visited many countries including Sudan, Pakistan, Iran, Bangladesh, Yemen, kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan and Georgia. He worked with different universities in these countries to help them prepare ultrasound curriculum, and mechanism for practical training, clinical placements and assessment for MSc in medical ultrasound programmes and various focussed ultrasound courses. In February 2005, Dr Hameed migrated to UK under the highly skilled migrant programme and joined Radiology Department of Chelsea and Westminster hospital, London UK as Advanced Ultrasound Practitioner. In April 2005, he was offered the same post in radiology department UHL NHS Trust Leicester UK with extended role of Lecturer at the imaging Academy. He was responsible for the ultrasound training and teaching of sonographers, radiographers and Radiology SpRs. Additionally, he conducted various courses for the ultrasound training of the A & E consultants and SPRs especially training them for FAST ultrasound. In Leicester, he was working with Liason Radiologist for scanning of emergency and indoor patients. After completing his PhD in medical diagnostic ultrasound, he also worked as Associate Professor in Ultrasound, at Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Lahore, in 2017.

Teaching and research Experience: In his career, Dr Hameed has always been engaged internationally in ultrasound training programs for Doctors and allied health professionals in many different countries. He delivered several lectures and presented many papers in international and national conferences held in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Georgia, Iran, Switzerland, Sudan, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, USA and Yemen. In addition to teaching and research, Dr Hameed is also focused on personal and professional development. He is currently completing MSc in Medical Education and Post graduate certificate in academic practice (PGCAP), leading to the fellow of higher education academy.

  • PG Diploma in Medical Education, University of Central Lancashire, UK 2019 - 2020
  • PhD Medical Diagnostic Ultrasound, The University of Lahore Pakistan 2013 - 2016
  • Visiting Fellowship in Ultrasound Jefferson Ultrasound Research & Education Institute, Thomas Jefferson University Philadelphia, PA, USA 2003
  • PG Diploma in Ultrasound the Burwin Institute of Ultrasound, Canada 2001 - 2002
  • M. Phil Diagnostic Radiology Training from Postgraduate Medical Institute
  • Lady Reading Hospital, Peshawar 1996 - 1997
  • MBBS from Khyber Medical College, University of Peshawar, Pakistan 1982 - 1987
  • Medical Ultrasound Researcher award, Lahore Pakistan 2004
  • Medical Education
  • Medical Imaging
  • Medical Ultrasound
  • External supervisor, PhD diagnostic ultrasound, University of Lahore, Pakistan
  • External examiner MSc diagnostic ultrasound, University of Lahore, Pakistan.
  • Accreditor, Consortium for the Accreditation of Sonographic Education (CASE)