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Dr Matthew Daws

Senior Lecturer
School of Natural Sciences

Matthew teaches across all years of the Mathematics BSc and MMath degrees. His research interests are in pure mathematics, in the broad area of Functional Analysis and Operator Algebras with a particular interest in groups, group actions, and "quantum" generalisations thereof.

Matthew currently leads modules in all years of the Mathematics BSc degree, and supervises project students on the MMath. His research is currently supported by the EPSRC, and is studying locally compact quantum groups and their (co)actions on non-commutative spaces. He is interested in the use of modern communication technologies for collaboration, and will be working on an open, collaborative textbook on locally compact quantum groups over the next few years.

Matthew has many years experience in UK Higher education, as a postdoc and lecturer. He has also worked in industry as a software developer in the financial sector, and as an open source software developer in academia. He joined UCLan as a lecturer in 2018.