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Transforming School Admin Processes

Funded by JISC - Duration: February 2012 – July 2013

JISC logoThe project is intended to support our academic administrative staff in breaking down bureaucratic problem areas and in reviewing and refining core business processes. We will evaluate a number of processes within the project timescale, implementing consistent working practices and sharing areas of good practice. At the end of the project, we will have a model for future business process reviews.

Project Team

  • Project Executive – Dave Phoenix
  • Project Manager – Lisa Banks
  • Senior Supplier – Paul Mahoney
  • Technical Lead – Andrew Bullivent
  • QA – Deana Shackleton
  • Senior Customer – Sandra Brassington/Philip Wroe/Nicola Rostron


Outputs and Results

JISC central website for updates to this project.

Aims and Objectives

This project will work with schools to:

  • review and refine core business processes
  • develop standard processes with proper documentation and variance boundaries
  • review of roles and responsibilities between schools and services
  • develop staff’s business analysis skills in order that they can undertake their own business process reviews in the future – hopefully increasing capacity to drive business efficiency

Whilst it would not be feasible to include every single admin task within this project, schools have highlighted a myriad of small tasks that if reviewed, would save significant amounts of time each day (across all 16 schools).


This project aims to:

  • ensure that staff across the institution are empowered by up skilling them to review and refine business processes so they can take ownership of their development and implementation
  • encourage staff to work together across schools and services, each business process review will be completed with 4 schools (acting as representatives of the 16) together with appropriate service representation. This approach will help school staff understand each other’s differences/similarities and also allow them to see business change from the perspective of the central services e.g. managing conflicting demands from a variety of sources