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Funded by JISC - Project duration Nov 11 - June 13

UCLan will undertake a review of the service design of overarching student support infrastructure, with the aim of improving the students experience, by providing access to the right service at the right time and equipping staff with the relevant knowledge to support students effectively, whilst reducing staff workload by reducing the number of times a student is “passed on” and ensuring access to relevant information to enable the provision of support. The Medium Term Strategy (MTS) outlines the strategic direction of the university from 2007-2017. Included in this strategy is the commitment to deliver an outstanding student experience.

With the introduction of the new fee system, this is to be achieved through the UCLan Advantage. The UCLan Advantage outlines how students will be enabled to achieve their ambitions, leaving them equipped with the knowledge, skills and experience to succeed. Part of this promise is that students will be treated as individuals while at UCLan, with the provision of high quality effective support being key to achieving this. UCLan provides an extensive network of student support including the library, ICT support and training, student mentoring, Student Liaison Officers, multi faith centre, financial support, security, academic, etc. These services are available in different locations across the campus and operate independently of each other. There is a lack of understanding of the support infrastructure by both staff and students, often resulting in students being passed around the services.


The <i>, a student information centre was introduced as a “One Stop Shop” to try to resolve this. The <i> manages a lot of the general queries, however, they still forward students to other support services for queries and issues outside of their remit. Passing students from service to service can result in a poor student experience (which can lead to attrition) and wastes staff time as each service has to start a fresh with the students‟ queries. For the 2011/12 academic year, UCLan is introducing the student portal, designed to be personalised a point of contact for students to access the information and support they require whilst at university. UCLan would like to replicate the ethos of “everything you need in one place” for the support network, which would include the integration of support services, IT and the physical infrastructure.

Project team

The project team consists of;

  • Lucy Nelson: Project Manager
  • Lisa Banks: Head of LIS Business Support
  • Helen Edgar: Business Analyst

Project Delivery Group will consist of;

  • Roderick Dubrow-Marshall: Pro Vice Chancellor for Student Engagement
  • Alison Blackburn: Acting Director of Student and Academic Support Service
  • Dave Stubbings: Students' Union Media Officer

Project Working Group will consist of;

  • Students
  • Fresh Start
  • The 'I'
  • SU Advice Centre
  • Disability Service
  • International Office
  • Student Liaison Officers

Outputs and Results

JISC Central Website for updates to this project

Aims and objectives

UCLan will utilise the JISC resources to guide and facilitate the development of integrated services with an intended hub and spoke structure, based around the locations of library and The ‘I’, to facilitate improved support to students. In addition students have identified the need for additional learning spaces, which will be developed for the 2012 academic year. In order to successfully redevelop the support service infrastructure, it will be essential to understand the current business processes required to deliver the services, as well as the student journey and their experience of the UCLan support infrastructure.

Through the use of business process reviews and the adoption of an EA approach, the project will assess the requirements of the new service structure to manage a knowledge base of information for staff and student through the portal, as well as a system to record and manage student queries. The project will look to the current ICT systems and services within UCLan to develop a service led solution. This project will map the student journey to have a better understanding of the students’ interactions with the UCLan business processes from enquiry to graduation. In addition the project will engage service users to develop a better understanding of the issues and fail points of the current system using the five step Service Design approach.

The overall aim of the project is to undertake a service design review of the process students go through to access support and to develop a new process that reduces the number of touch points the student experiences and enables support services to respond more effectively to their issues.
This will be achieved by;

  • Model the current student journey
  • Create a scenario based blueprint of the student experience of contacting support services through a service design review to identifying the fail points and periods of extensive wait.
  • Develop a new process for managing students who require support
  • Review the ICT infrastructure to assess what systems and services we have in place that could facilitate the new process.
  • Review the new process through a services design review to establish if it is effective.