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POPS – Publishing Online to Preserve Scholarship

Funded by JISC - Project duration: Nov 2011 - Feb 2012

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This project will kick-start new scholarly communication practice at UCLan by creating and piloting a structured Open Access journal publishing system in conjunction with our ePrints-based repository. It will explore processes and technological solutions with a view to offering exemplary case studies that benefit all UK HEIs with an interest in Open-Access scholarly communication, suggesting innovative pathways for HEIs to address the increasing demands on them to both publish and preserve the scholarly record.

This project will apply state of the art digital preservation standards and processes to existing online publications and provide an easy to use template to inspire new ones. The project will bring the principles of the Open Access movement together with the robust governance and preservation procedures to ensure the capture and preservation of scholarly output without hindering the energy of the burgeoning scholarly effort at UCLan using online platforms and innovative publication models.

The key motivation is to provide an easy route to online publishing with robust governance and national standards based infrastructure.

Project team

The core team includes the following staff members as well as key academic staff who are guiding the functional development of the tool:

  • Helen Cooper, Repository Manager
  • Jonathan Westaway, Research Support Librarian
  • Simon Hawkesworth, Learning Technologist
  • Chris Allen, Senior Analyst


Team contact

Outputs & results

At its conclusion the project will have delivered:

  • More than one publishing and active overlay journal.
  • Established templates and models for future overlay journals embedded into UCLan research and publishing governance and procedures.
  • Awareness of potential and advantages of the overlay journal model among academics (demonstrable through existence of articles and training events) and development of a culture where overlay is a viable publishing option.
  • Project documentation describing the findings of the reflective elements of the project, with articles and presentations etc .

Aims & objectives

The aims of the project are to:

  • Develop an open access overlay journal system to promote the preservation of, and access to, academic research content, and enhance engagement with the Institutional Repository.
  • Demonstrate the potential for free, scalable open access publishing by university academic staff in a stable environment support by robust governance and established national standards.
  • Demonstrate the potential of employing overlay technology to publish collections on very specific areas of research, not normally catered for by established journals.
  • Gain insight into the various component elements of the development and implementation processes for online journals.

The project has 4 main objectives:

  • Establish the technical infrastructure to ensure the publication of overlay journals that meet the requirements of the creators and editors while operating within robust governance according to established national standards and protocols (using DOIs, OAI-PMH compliance and metadata to optimum preservation requirements).
  • Establish a process for the archiving and publication of academic material, with documentation.
  • Identify the concerns and needs of academics and service personnel involved in the management and publication of scholarly work – leading to the identification of solutions within the overlay model.
  • Employ the technology to produce a series of reflective case studies through practical demonstration about the processes involved in establishing overlay journals, and their value in preserving academic material.