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Making the most of your course data

Funded by JISC - Project duration: Jan 2012 - March 2013

Jisc LogoThis project will review and develop policies and processes to support the development of a system generated course advertising feed, in a XCRI-CAP format with COOL URI.

The feed developed will be used by an aggregator to enable prospective students to search and compare courses. This project will review the course data management processes and consider the requirements for KIS and HEAR where applicable to ensure the projects are aligned.


Project Team

  • Alison Blackburn - Project executive
  • Lucy Nelson - Project Manager
  • Clive Tomkins - Technical Lead
  • Sue Avanson - AQaSU Lead
  • Dominic Hurst – Lead for web aspect
  • Ian Beddows - IM

Outputs and results

JISC Central Website for updates to this project

Aims and objectives

The overall aim of this project is to develop effective systems (both technical and non-technical) for managing course related data; thereby, responding to increased internal and external demand whilst promoting efficiency in internal processes. This includes a review of business processes as well as a review / development of relevant institutional policies This broader Institutional initiative will incorporate the production of a system generated XCRI-CAP feed of our entire course provision, enabling us to meet the specific outcomes identified by JISC. The project will identify and implement the changes to our existing systems needed to address the course data requirements of national initiatives including KIS and HEAR.

Objectives include;

  • Undertake a comprehensive review of existing policy related to course data management.
  • Thorough review of existing policy (which will be fed into the wider UCLan MI project).
  • Redevelop policy, as appropriate Map the data and its location
  • Document ‘As is’ with regards how each item of data object is currently managed. Using an EA approach to ensure process development is business led and maps to the strategic direction and governance of the university, undertake an analysis of the business processes related to the management of course data.
  • Model existing business processes, identifying the fail points and areas for improvement.
  • Develop, document and implement business processes appropriate to the effective and efficient management of course related data. Develop a fully functional technical system for effective course data management using the XCRI-CAP standard.
  • Establish requirements of an ICT system to facilitate the new process for managing course data. Review the current ICT system to establish which UCLan systems and services will be suitable to facilitate the new business process developed and identify any additional development requirements. Testing of system
  • Identify issues with both technical and non-technical systems.
  • Iterative redevelopment of technical system in response to testing Implement integrated system
  • Populate database(s)
  • Embed within practice