Textiles Workshop


The Textiles workshop allows students to work with a range of equipment and process

A group of textiles students

The Textiles workshop allows students to work with a range of equipment and process such as Rug making, Dying and Plastic welding. This resource has been designed so that wet process can take place such as papermaking and feltmaking. The resource also contains the steamers used to steam the fabric printed in the Digital Print Studio.

A textiles student working 

A textiles student working 

Key equipment available

Star and Bullet steamer
Tufting Gun
Washing machines (2)
Tumble Dryer
Hot Plates
Mold and Deckles
Batik Equipment
Dyeing Processes


Contact staff

Francis Neale | Senior Technician
+44 (0)1772 894341 | Victoria Building VB058

Sarah Parker | Technician
+44 (0)1772 893367 | Victoria Building VB058

Rick Healey | Technician
+44 (0)1772 892771 | Victoria Building VB058

Chris Hodge | Technician
+44 (0)1772 893203 | Victoria Building VB058

LIS Customer Support Team
+44 (0)1772 895355


Victoria Building, VB047


Workshop hours are from 9:30 to 12:30 and 13:30 – 16:30 Monday-Friday. Where possible and with prior arrangement technical staff will work flexibly during the working day to accommodate specific support requirements which do not fit into the specific time detailed above.

Please note that this facility is used for scheduled teaching activities. The space may not be available for open access during these sessions. Please contact technical staff for details.

Due to the innate technical nature of the equipment and processes contained within this facility, there is a prerequisite for students to attend a technical induction and then following that they must complete further course based technical instruction workshops prior to permission being granted for their independent use of this facility.