Studio Theatres

Three impressively appointed studio theatres are situated on the ground floor of The Media Factory.

Studio Theatres

The Main Theatre and Studio Theatre 1 each measure 185 square metres. Studio Theatre 2 measures 160 square metres. Double height double doors link each theatre to an external loading bay adjacent to Studio Theatre 1 which enables large pieces of set or props to be used in any of the theatre spaces.

Access to adjacent dressing room facilities is provided backstage. Each theatre is fitted with a double perimeter tab track providing the ability to enable a maximum of 360 degrees of black curtaining and 180 degrees of white cyclorama cloth. Each of the three spaces has a fully wired grid positioned 6m above the stage floor which support a wide variety of industry standard lighting and sound equipment.

Retractable seating units provide audience capacities between 60-100 people in each theatre. Each theatre has its own technical control room built overlooking each auditorium from first floor level. Audio, video and control signal looms connect the control rooms with the backstage areas.

The Main Theatre also has the additional functionality of having 4 camera video and audio wiring back to the TV Studio Gallery to enable video recordings of theatre production to be made. The spaces have been designed to be as versatile as possible and can be used to host theatre productions, assessments, conferences, music events, dance performances as well as lectures and teaching activities.

Media Factory

Media Factory studio

Studio Theatres mixer

Equipment Available

  • HK Install Sound System
  • MA Lighting GrandMA Command Wing Lighting Control
  • ETC Express Lighting Control
  • Allen & Heath QU Series Digital Audio Mixers
  • ETC Source 4 ParNels Theatre Lanterns
  • ETC Source 4 Fresnels
  • Selecon RAMA Fresnel Theatre Lanterns
  • ETC Source 4 Zoom Profiles
  • Chroma Q Scrollers
  • Chroma Q Color Force LED Floods


Contact staff

Leon Hardman | Senior Technician
+44 (0)1772 89 3202 | Media Factory ME128

Martin Walmsley | Senior Technician
+44 (0)1772 89 5348 | Media Factory ME128

Julian Bennett | Support Technician
+44 (0)1772 89 2358 | Media Factory ME128

Paul Dilworth | Technician
+44 (0)1772 89 3905 | Media Factory ME128

Joe Fossard | Technician
+44 (0)1772 89 2765 | Media Factory ME128

David Weeks | Technician
+44 (0)1772 89 2359 | Media Factory ME128

LIS Customer Support TeamĀ 
+44 (0)1772 89 5355


Media Factory ME002/ME007/ME010


Facilities open 24/7.

Please note that these facilities are used for scheduled teaching activities. The spaces are available for authorized students to book outside of these times for individual or group study purposes via Student Web Room Booking



Media Factory

Studio Theatres