Radio Studios

Predominantly used as part of the Journalism courses Greenbank Building has four radio studios, the facilities vary slightly between studios.

Radio studios

The main studio is used for news bulletins and programmes produced as part of the student newsdays where bulletins are produced hourly through the day.

The Studios were purpose designed and built at the time Greenbank building was constructed. They have independent suspended floors and acoustically lined walls.

Equipment Available:

  • Logitek Helix Networked Radio Audio Console
  • CD and Mini Disc Players
  • Microphones
  • PCs with Adobe Audition and Burli software


Contact Staff

Brian Moss | Senior Technician
+44 (0)1772 894340 | Harrington Building HA201

Toby Gregory | Technician
+44 (0)1772 89 4303 | Media Factory ME128

LIS Customer Support Team
+44 (0)1772 89 5355


Greenbank Building GR075, GR077, GR069, GR071

Opening times

Studios open: Weekdays 07:30 – 21:00

Please note that these facilities are used for scheduled teaching activities. These facilities are available for authorised students to use outside of these times for individual or group study purposes

Due to the innate technical nature of the equipment contained within this studio, there is a prerequisite for students to attend a technical induction and then following that they must complete further course based technical instruction workshops prior to permission being granted for their independent use of these studios.