Health Psychology Suite

The Psychology Health Suite is a purpose built teaching and research facility

The health psychology suite

The Psychology Health Suite is a purpose built teaching and research facility. It houses a central conference room, for teaching and discussion, with specialist laboratories off the perimeter of this central room. It is designed so that students can learn about and participate in the activities being conducted in the adjoining laboratories. The suite of laboratories comprises:
a food preparation laboratory,

  • a fully equipped neuroendocrine laboratory for analysis of hormones and other analytes in blood and saliva,
  • a cardiovascular laboratory equipped with state of the art equipment
  • stress lab which houses virtual reality equipment a one-way mirror viewed from the cardio lab, and a therapeutic chair for participants taking part in experiments in there (see picture)
  • a briefing/ debriefing room
  • a laboratory to take measurements of height and weight, this room also houses sample storage and an exercise bike.

The health psychology suite 

The health psychology suite 

The health psychology suite 

 Key equipment available

Harrier34 centrifuge
Class II lamina flow
Perkin Elmer Enspire Multimode plate reader
Gilson Pipettes
Deionised water
Fridge freezer (food)
Food processor
Chefs knives
Kitchen scales
Body stat
Cholesterol and glucose testing(need the kits)
Body fat callipers
Therapeutic chair
Camera for facial feedback
Virtual reality equipment (running Worldviz software )
Biopac MP150 and continuous blood pressure monitor CNAP

Contact staff

Belinda Hornby | Lecturer in Psychobiology
+44 (0)1772 893737 | Maudland Building DB232 


LIS Customer Support Team
+44 (0)1772 89 5355


Key equipment continued

Steering wheel for computer games
2 Accutrackers portable continuous blood pressure equipment
Portapres continuous blood pressure equipment
Colin continuous blood pressure equipment
4 MP100 Biopacs to measure a variety of psychophysiological parameters
Niccomo cardiovascular impedance monitoring equipment
Occulus rift
Tilt table
Digital callipers
Basic blood pressure monitors
Basic heart rate and GSRs (Edulogger plug and play devices)


Darwin Building DB028, DB029, DB030, DB031, DB033, DB034, DB035

Opening times, guides and charges

Facilities open 24/7
Please note that these facilities are used for scheduled teaching activities. The spaces are available to book outside of these times via Connect2.

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