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Zainab Al-Mahmood

Masters in Construction Project Management

International Student - Bahrain

Zainab studied Construction Project Management at UCLan.

"My husband studied at UCLan so I had visited before I joined myself in 2008. Living in Preston was the main encouragement for studying at UCLan – it’s a small, quiet city with lots of different activities and ways to spend leisure time. You can visit lots of places like Blackpool and Manchester. I made many friends there - we visited each other and enjoyed different activities like the river festival.

The Student Union is very active and there are various services available for students, like the ‘I’. Here, all questions and queries can be answered as they guide and help you. UCLan library is the best place for studying with different study areas, huge references available to you and other services for students designed to make it easier to study. My course was very interesting with new information constantly being presented to help me to develop and improve my work. The course leader was very helpful and cooperative and assisted us with any problems."