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Yusur Aljuboori

BA (Hons) International Business

Ever since I was young, I have been determined to pursue a successful career to utilise my business mind-set. I was raised in an environment that exposed me to different cultures, as I frequently moved from one country to another. I am bilingual, being fluent in both Arabic (my mother tongue) and English. During these times, never had I known that my entire childhood experience would turn out to be an investment in my future and career. I knew nothing beyond the fact that I was always drawn to international relations and the power that lies behind the cooperation of various countries.

By the time I was 15 years old, I was done with my primary education, which I pursued in Baghdad, Iraq. This is where my journey begins. My parents had to move from Iraq to Jordan, due to the terrifying warzone that my home country had become. In Amman, I was able to complete my secondary education. The most impressing aspect of this experience was how easy I found it to adapt to Jordan’s culture, one that is completely different from my own. I excelled in secondary school, I socialised and made new friends, and I settled down smoothly. My experience was amazing, different to what people might think. I learned so many new things, which allowed me to compare life in Jordan to life in Iraq from a knowledgeable perspective. Hence, I actually considered myself lucky to have had the opportunity to experience living in a different environment. I believe this is part of what is required of me as a global businessperson.  Having an optimistic outlook and being able to cope with new environments are momentous to succeed in this sector.

Yusur Aljuboori

When I was 18, my parents and I moved again from Jordan to England. Again, coping with the new environment was not an issue for me. I started university at a world-class institution, UCLan, which has been an amazing opportunity. I kept practicing my social skills, and over time, enhanced my skills set. Studying at UCLan equipped me with competencies to succeed in the world of top achievers. I had a great experience at university in relation to educational and practical experience. I felt at home. My tutors were very helpful, understanding, and so patient with me. They always offered me clear instructions and help, taking into account that English is not my first language. I have exploited the incredible university facilities offered to students. Most importantly, exercising at the sports centre has been a part of my daily routine for so long now. This has helped me improve my physical and mental health.

Apart from external factors, my family means everything to me. More specifically, my mother has invested her entire life trying to motivate and inspire me to keep moving and pursue my dreams. Hence, even if I failed to achieve any of my personal goals, I always ensure I never let my mother down. She is my number one motivation.

My main goal was always to obtain a degree in International Business, put theoretical knowledge into practice, and finally employ this knowledge in the business world. I aim to become a successful leader; my aspiration is to lead a prospering career that influences people’s lives.