Ya (Diana) Wang

Final Year BA (Hons) Graphic Design Student

International student Ya Wang, studying BA (Hons) Graphic Design is a student of Hebei University (HBU- UCLan) School of Media, Communications and Creative Industries in China, completing her final year at UCLan Preston Campus.

Ya Wang’s final degree project, which won the Lancashire Arts Festival award, is titled The Story of a Line. This project essentially tells the story of her Grandpa’s deterioration through Parkinson’s disease from diagnosis to present day. In 2010, Ya asked her Grandpa to draw a line once a week, and collated these lines into a book.

The Story of a Line is a visual timeline, comprised of 412 lines, which gives a personal yet subtle insight to her Grandpa’s experience with Parkinson’s. Ya says:

‘In their world, they don’t have strict, straight lines’.

During her final year at UCLan, Ya was shortlisted for the D&AD New Blood award 2018 Dropbox Paper brief with her project ‘487ZERO’. This work focuses on the psychological problems experienced by the 45% of Chinese students studying abroad. 487ZERO (the distance in miles between China and Preston) identifies the unnerving experience of adjusting to a new culture, being away from loved ones, and overcoming language barriers.

Ya’s project offers support to these students by encouraging them to share personal possessions, and to share the meaning or significance behind them. These photographs are collated and uploaded to Dropbox Paper, creating an online community for International students to share their experiences, and ultimately bringing the issues to light within the UCLan community. She said:

“Some students chose items which were given to them by friends and family back home. It’s a sharing platform, so people can look at each other’s photographs and share their stories.”

26 June 2018