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Work placement boosts skills for electronic engineering student

Michal Cieslak is a BEng (Hons) Electronic Engineering student at the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan). He is currently in his final year, having spent a year on placement with an electronic engineering company in Cumbria.

Michal had always been interested in electronics and decided to study at UCLan because of its modern teaching approach and the excellent facilities.

Reflecting on the decision he said: “UCLan has a reputation as one of the best engineering universities in the region. The teaching is exceptionally good and the lecturers are ready and willing to help you. If you’re struggling they will always find the time to give you a helping hand.”

Michal took advantage of the opportunity to gain industry experience and went on a work placement in between his second and third year. He applied to the Cumbrian electrical engineering company after finding out about the vacancy from the previous placement student.

“My work placement was a challenging experience, but one I enjoyed. I gained a lot of experience and was able to work independently. I also developed my practical skills as I was able to put the theory I had learnt into practice.”

The placement experience was one of the highlights of the course and Michal was pleased that the teaching he received in his first and second years meant he was well prepared for the challenges he faced in industry.

“Being thrown into the deep end on placement and able to complete new tasks is one of my greatest achievements since my I began my studies. The best thing about the course is that we were taught with a lot of practical skills in our first week. We were in the lab and were encouraged to get hands on experience.”

As he approaches the end of his degree Michal can only recommend that other students follow in his footsteps.

He added: “It’s not an easy course, it’s challenging but with proper motivation and hard work it’s definitely a great experience. It is fun and you’ll meet a lot of people who have great ideas.

“You’ll connect with lecturers and students and you will have the chance to develop here. What more can I say? Electronics is everywhere and it’s a field that’s in demand.”