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Weixiang Zhao

Pre-sessional student

Pre-sessional student Weixiang Zhao has been making the most of his time in the UK by visiting many of the country’s major cities at the weekends.

The 25 year-old from Yangyuan, China, has been studying International Business at the Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications for the last three years and is currently at UCLan studying pre-sessional English, as he looks to improve his English skills. Weixiang will return to Beijing in September to complete the final year of his course and is taking advantage of his time in the UK before then by visiting many of the famous sights the country has to offer.

“I really enjoy travelling around the UK in my spare time. I visited Edinburgh last weekend. I think it is a beautiful city and I liked the historic and old-fashioned buildings. It was good to just walk around the city with my friends, eating the local food and seeing the landmarks such as Edinburgh Castle,” said Weixiang.


“I think the best place I’ve been to in the UK is York. I liked seeing the historic and traditional buildings. York Minster was very impressive but also crowded. It’s a great but very busy city!”

In contrast, Preston is a smaller city and attracts more students than tourists; an aspect which Weixiang feels makes it a great place to study.

“I like Preston even though it is a small city. Everything is very relaxed and I have met some good friends here. British people are very friendly and polite. Getting to know people has been the best thing about my time in the UK so far.”

Weixiang has aspirations of becoming a businessman once he graduates and hopes to run his own business one day. The Chinese student says speaking good English is an important part of his studies and career plans and is something he is benefiting from by studying the pre-sessional course.

“I study speaking, listening and writing in class and feel the speaking class is most important. When I first came here I found it difficult to speak to my teachers and friends in English but now I’ve been here for five months and I enjoy speaking English a lot now that I’m more comfortable with it.

“In my country learning English is very important, and if I can learn to speak it well then it will be easier to find a job. I feel a lot happier having studied the course to go back and finish my subject in China.”