Web Applications UK help prepare UCLan's Computing students for life after graduation

Computing students from UCLan welcomed representatives from Web Applications UK for a talk to prepare them for careers after graduation.

The talk was led by Craig Dean in partnership with UCLan Careers, and was aimed at inspiring students to get experience within the industry ahead of graduation to give them the best possible chance of gaining immediate employment.

The talk focused on the amount of jobs available to computing graduates as well as the skills required to successfully break into the industry as early as possible.

After nearly 30 years of industry, Craig is more than qualified to speak to the future of the computing business and emphasised the importance of students getting themselves known to companies and employers. UCLan puts a major emphasis on students gaining industry experience and Craig says this is one of the first things that employers identify as crucial on an applicant’s CV.

Craig said: “I hope that the students have heard and understood how important it is to take ownership control of finding that next step in their lives, rather than just thinking about it and letting things happen to them. Due to the questions I got asked at the end of the session, I know that some students are already thinking about this but it’s never too early to get out there and start doing some research. You need to ask really important questions like “why am I doing computer science?” or “what career am I ultimately looking to get into?” and then chasing those answers rather than letting it your career just happen to you.”

Craig Dean, from Web Applications UK, leading the talk.

“Some employers won’t even take someone on with less than two years’ experience. That’s how bad it can be for graduates in some sectors. IT isn’t immune to that especially in companies where IT isn’t their main area. The kind of companies who created their development teams are becoming a lot smaller and there are a lot less of them. That makes it all the more important that if you get that an opportunity to go and get that some experience under their your belt, you take it.”

“We recruit almost exclusively from graduate programmes these days because it’s a more effective way for us to employ and create great developers. It allows us to shape and mould our staff into a way that’s much more beneficial for both parties. It’s harder to employ experienced employees because by then, they’re often already set in their ways of how to do things. We already have a number of UCLan graduates working in our company and we believe that a strong relationship with universities is core to our business model and how we recruit and grow.”


23 April 2018