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Waad Farj Ahmad

Master of Arts in Interpreting and Translation

Waad Farj Ahmed studied the MA Interpreting and Translation course at UCLan.

"UCLan was included in the list of recognised universities in the UK, provided by the ministry of Higher Education in Iraq, Kurdistan Region. As a candidate, I searched the website of UCLan and found my preferred course of study. I made the search of about 27 universities in the UK before selecting UCLan.

Making friends and settling in was easy - first when I was on the pre-sessional course, I was introduced to many foreign students from China, Korea, Greece, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and from other countries. Then during my academic study I have introduced to the German, Polish, French, again new Chinese and Arab groups of students in addition to English students from Preston, Manchester and other cities.

During the study, I had great and expert teachers who always encouraged and supported me, I am still in contact with the majority of them. About the staff of the school of languages, The <i> and the staff of International Office and VISA advisors are the key success and you were very helpful to me, thank you very much!

I plan to study for a PhD, and I have to get the agreement and the support from my government and win a scholarship again or I have to work myself because studying in the UK is generally expensive and very demanding. My course is very interesting and up to my expectations. It has inspired me to want to become a successful professional interpreter and translator especially in conferences.

The UK is the perfect place for study, located in the heart of the world simply closed to everywhere. Studying programs are in English which is the most common language in the world. Preston is a very quiet and safe city, it is a nice place has beautiful parks and a crossed river in the middle. UCLan is always the university you are looking for it has a wonderful campus in the city centre, all accommodation is 10-15 minutes walk. Preston has a friendly environment nature away from noises and smog of the big cities and there is no need to daily travelling, using undergrounds or hiring taxis.

I settled into life at UCLan easily. Since the UK has become a multicultural society, and everything one can need (Halal) is available.

The induction week programs are very exciting. I remember when I first got my CAS letter and got the T4 visa then enrolled on the course, it was the moment my dreams come true.

To summarise, I have learnt to live the modern life, with easy access to public services, warmly welcoming people who are proud of their heritage. My experience at UCLan was really enjoyable, I studied and passed the entire exam papers in one shot. It is great and not forgettable."