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Vitor Oteda Da Silva Abreu

Vitor Oteda Da Silva Abreu

I have been working in Facilities Management at UCLan since April 2012. I am involved in all kinds of activities related to cleaning. I like the fact the job is versatile and flexible. I get the chance to work within different buildings at the University campus.

I am currently involved in a project called ‘Shadowing caretakers’ where I get to learn what Senior Caretakers do. I get to work with the management closely and get an insight of the work on a practical basis.

My line managers and colleagues are very polite. It is a very different environment than what I am used to. I feel highly respected. I really enjoy working here because of the support I receive from management. At UCLan, we receive great benefits, such as a staff concession rate for the Sports Centre.

If I have just one statement to say about my work-life balance I’ll say, ‘It makes me happy.’

I receive good wages, as the rate of pay here is higher than the outside market. There are great career opportunities and management will help me to obtain NVQ’s in cleaning. I have learned and progressed in a very short time. It is not just about cleaning for me anymore, but also caretaking and housekeeping.