Visit to Amsterdam and The Hague

Amsterdam visit

In October 2015, Senior Lecturers from the Lancashire Law School, Ian Turner and Rachel Nir, took a group of students to The Hague in the Netherlands. There, students had the opportunity to visit the International Court of Justice (ICJ), the principal judicial body of the United Nations; and the International Criminal Court (ICC), which was set up in 2002 to try individuals for crimes of international concern such as genocide and crimes against humanity.

The group flew to Amsterdam on a Monday and spent the afternoon taking in the sights of Amsterdam, such as the former houses of Anne Frank and Rembrandt. The tour of the ICJ, which is housed in the world famous Peace Palace, took place the next morning, on the Tuesday. During the afternoon the group was free to visit Dutch sights of their own choice such as Delft, famous for being the home of the Dutch painter Vermeer, very close to The Hague.

The next morning was spent visiting the ICC, where several individuals from the Democratic Republic of Congo were on trial for using child soldiers. The afternoon was free time, some people went to the beach, for example, before the group flew back to the UK in the evening. The trip was a huge success with students taking many positives from it.

amsterdam visit 

amsterdam visit