Victoria Richards

BSc (Hons), Physiology and Pharmacology, 2017

Victoria Richards

Victoria Richards

Victoria Richards

Victoria Richards knew that she wanted to do a science degree, leading to a very hands-on role, therefore a lot of laboratory experience while at University was a big decider for her. This, added with a keen interest in pharmacology as well as the molecular aspect of science, meant UCLan’s BSc (Hons) Physiology and Pharmacology course was the right choice.

“I visited UCLan’s open day in July, before applying to the University, and not only did I really like and feel at ease on the campus and with the lecturers, but the way the course was described sounded perfect,” Victoria said. “From the lab experience to the modules, right down to the way the assignments were split. The course just sounded right for me and what I wanted from a university degree.”

“You won't walk out of university and into your dream job, you won't start at your destination but don't give up. Have a goal, work hard towards it and you will get there,” said Victoria, and this is certainly true for this UCLan graduate.

Continuing with a part-time job at Tesco Pharmacy after graduation, Victoria began to apply for several job vacancies. Eventually, this lead to a role at her current employer PCCA Limited (t/a The Specials Laboratory), albeit a role in customer services.

She said: “My logic was if I applied for this role I would be in the pharmaceutical industry (where I wanted to be) and there would always be the chance to move around the business, so I applied for the role and was successful.”

After three months of employment as a customer services advisor, Victoria applied for the role of analytical scientist. She successfully passed a technical interview and is now a key member of the analytical team, becoming an Analytical Laboratory Scientist, responsible for ensuring product quality and conformable standards are met.

The UCLan alumna gained lots of skills whilst working in the different areas of the pharmaceutical industry but also rates her course of study at University as being instrumental in her success.

Victoria said: “My time at UCLan and the skills I acquired there were instrumental in helping me attain the role of analytical scientist. The molecular, pharmaceutical, scientific knowledge and general laboratory skills I acquired throughout my three years provided a strong base for the role.

“UCLan really improved my confidence both academically and personally and this is partly down to the lecturers. They never doubted my ability at times when I did and they always pushed you and helped you whenever necessary, nothing was too small. Moving to UCLan and living in a new city was initially very daunting; however, the friends I have made and the memories I have really will stay for life. It was a brilliant university experience.

“I wouldn't be where I was now without UCLan and the lecturers that helped me achieve what I have.”

16 March 2018