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UCLan plays host to Insider Magazine

UCLan’s School of Language and Global Studies played host to Insider Magazine’s round table event


UCLan Round Table

Industry leaders gathered at UCLan’s state-of-the-art interpreting suite, in its Worldwise facility, to discuss whether a lack of language skills is holding British businesses back in foreign markets.

Several key industry leaders including: Mark Downing, Managing Director for Scorpion Automotive, Sean O’Hara, Director of the International Market Business Development Group and the University of Central Lancashire’s, Kirsty Heimerl-Moggan, course leader for MA in Interpreting and Translation, debated whether the perceived lack of knowing foreign languages stopped British companies winning international business.

The debate covered various topics such as, “How important are language skills in the UK education system?” and “Are smaller companies, the ones who may struggle in these areas?” The group also discussed the role of an Interpreter with Neil Humphreys, a partner at Howgate Sable, stating: “With the government push on emerging markets and encouraging companies to export, it would be really interesting to have someone who was not only an interpreter but also had business skills for international markets.”

UCLan’s Kirsty Heimerl-Moggan explained: “Interpreters are trained in business skills because we have to have them. There is also the development of interpersonal skills – being able to sit next to ministers and do small talk. There is a lot more to it than just language.”

The full discussion can be found in the August edition of the North West Business Insider Magazine.

UCLan Round Table