UCLan Midwifery Society

This year, the UCLan Midwifery Society hosted a summer conference; ‘Challenge Today, Change Tomorrow’, with over 150 people attending on the day. This conference was arranged by the students, who are members of the UCLan Midwifery Society. This was a fantastic day where the students and midwives attending the conference, gained knowledge from national and internationally renowned speakers.

Many midwives travelled from across the UK to attend the conference, which attracted a number of positive messages via social media. As part of the conference, the UCLan Midwifery Society also raised money for charities to support women, their families and the midwives caring for them. This year the society raised money to support Maternity Worldwide, which meant they were able to purchase a large number of rucksacks for midwives to carry their equipment and safely deliver care to women where needed. This charity supports midwives in the developing world, raising awareness of the needs of women and families in the poorest areas of the world. The day took a great deal of organisation and collaboration and after months of preparation, the day came together successfully, displaying the amazing dedication, care and teamwork from the students.  

The UCLan Midwifery Society also host monthly events, ‘Passionate Midwifery’, which brings students and members of the public together. The aim of these events is to discuss and offer learning about certain issues in maternity care. These events are also arranged by the UCLan midwifery students and are free for anyone to attend. For details of the conference and Passionate Midwifery, please follow us on Facebook – UCLan Midwifery Society and on Twitter @UCLanMidSoc

Amy Welch, Year 2 Student Midwife and member of the UCLan Midwifery Society