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Tomasz Dominiak

MA International Journalism

Polish student Tomasz studied MA International Journalism. Since graduating he has worked for Polish national newspapers and now writes for an automotive magazine.

“On returning to Poland I was hired by one of national newspapers. I've worked for two national newspapers in Poland and travelled extensively abroad for three years as business reporter.

“Last year I moved on to automotive journalism and I am now covering mostly car industry news. I've always been passionate about cars and having covered transport related issues since 2004. I've always wanted to work for automotive magazines. This wish has been granted in 2010 when I got a job at Poland's most popular weekly magazine “Motor”, where I've been writing as a freelancer since 2008.

“A lot depends on your attitude so if you aim high and your ambition goes side to side with hard work you are more likely to achieve something. I had a number of breaking stories and front page news that were widely cited by other media. I also conducted several interviews with high profile executives from airlines and car companies, including Ryanair's Michael O'Leary or former General Motors CEO Rick Wagoner.

“My 12 months at UCLan were very rewarding both in terms of personal development and my social life. I made a few international friends and got to know British life and culture.

“My command of English, which is the primary language in news, has improved in a way that would be otherwise impossible. I also got engaged during my stay in UK and I have now been married for nearly 4 years”