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Thomas Quigley

Product Design (2013)

Thomas Quigley

Graduating from the Product Design course in 2013, Thomas Quigley is now working as a Senior Product Designer.

When coming to the end of a degree, some students have job opportunities lined up for when they finish. That is exactly what happened to Thomas when he left UCLan. “After graduation, I had a job lined up in lighting design. After doing a junior term there for six months, I then went on to do Product Design at another company.”

Talking about his current job role, Thomas explains what he does: “I am currently a Senior Product Designer in the new product development team for Whitecroft Lighting in Manchester with a large amount of engineers that all work together to get products out.”

Thomas was back at UCLan to give a presentation about where his Product Design degree has taken him. When asked about what he remembers about the course, there was one thing that has stuck in his mind: “Presentations. The nerve of being stood up there presenting your ideas and having to take constructive feedback to change your work.”

His advice to people looking to study or currently on the Product Design course is: “Be humble and take advice from people. Don’t be afraid to go and speak to people face to face, don’t just rely on sending CVs. Get as much experience as you can, work hard and practice all the time.”

Explaining how the course has helped him get to where he is today, Thomas adds: “Before coming to do the course, I worked abroad in tourism and in a publishing house doing graphic design. I knew I wanted to work in a creative career but did not know what route, so the course put me on the path to where I am now.”