Thomas Cousins

MA Education, 2014

Thomas Cousins studied an undergraduate degree in Education at UCLan and as a result, he felt there were still many areas to explore so progressed onto a Masters in the subject.

He says: “With a desire to go into teaching, the Masters degree programme allowed me to explore in depth my chosen area of interest whilst gaining experience within schools. I had been briefed about this programme since I began my undergraduate degree, therefore it was a natural progression. The flexibility of the course was appealing, allowing me to simultaneously complete my Teacher Training Degree.”

Thomas talked about the other decisive factors in his decision to study a Masters: “Having completed my undergraduate degree at UCLan, I knew the staff and the chance to create and complete original research alongside them was an opportunity not to be missed.”

After graduation, Thomas got a job with an agency working in primary schools, from which he achieved a permanent role working in both key stage one and key stage two. He is now a class teacher at Pendle Primary Academy, teaching year four across the primary curriculum.

“My duties involve the planning and delivery of lessons to a class of 30. I mark and moderate books and I am involved in assessment and rigorous moderation. I am also the lead for creativity in the school, leading the arts subjects and lead the Children’s university programme for the school,” the UCLan Alumni said.

As well as teaching, Thomas was accepted onto a PhD, where he has been studying an educational research course. This will enable him to bring his studies up to doctorate level.

Reminiscing about university, he said: “My lasting memories of my time at UCLan will be the staff that I became friends with. The growth of starting out as an 18 year old, to progress and see your relationship with the staff grow into a mutual appreciation of a subject demonstrates how far you have come on your journey.”

On advising potential students, Thomas says: “The pursuit of education should be done for the love of it, the potential of being able to influence and change your area of interest is a noble goal. If the opportunity to study presents itself you should grab it with both hands, having that qualification along with experiences sets you up for future jobs and opportunities. Studying opens many doors and introduces you to a world where literally the sky is the limit is regards to what you can achieve.”

17 April 2018