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Teresa Cosulich

BA (Hons) Business Management in China
Employers Since Graduating:
Armani Prive

“I chose UCLan because it was one of the only universities which was offering experiences abroad (both working and academic), as well as having a Confucius Institute which helped me feel more involved in the Chinese culture.

I’ve been studying Chinese since I was 14 years old and always believed that learning this language would help me in my future career. With a dream of working in fashion, after graduating with a first-class degree, I attended a number of interviews. After much determination, I secured a job in Armani (French Branch). My role is an Executive Assistant at Armani Prive.

I’m involved in the organisational field (shootings, fashion shows and other events) as well as being part of the accounting department. I travel a lot to China as part of my job, having direct contact with clients.

My course at UCLan, along with my year abroad in China were crucial in me securing the position at Armani Prive. Speaking Mandarin and having lived in the country for a year really enhanced my understanding and passion for the Chinese culture. My six-month internship in Hangzhou was also a great advantage I had over other candidates, as it showed my experience in dealing with a Chinese working environment.

In order to succeed, you need a competitive advantage over others. Work hard to be excellent on one specific aspect, don’t aspire to be average at doing everything.”