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First year Social Work students

Course: BA(Hons) Social Work

First year BA Social Work students spent the day at Tyn Dwr Outdoor Centre in Wales last October.  The purpose of the visit was to bond as a first year group and to provide an additional opportunity to develop skills relevant to Social Work Practice. Senior Lecturer Amanda Taylor organised the event and explained the need for Social Work students to feel a part of the University whilst developing strong and cohesive relationships within their peer group.

Amy Hill, Student Liaison Officer (SLO) and Anne Florentine, the School Personal Advisor also attended the event. Amy commented: “Overall, it was an absolutely incredible day. It really was a fantastic opportunity, and I feel that I have connected with the students better as a result. The day was really good fun, and everyone was so supportive of one another. I hope that this continues into the classroom!”

Anne added: “It was an excellent opportunity to build professional relationships with students from both Preston and Burnley campus. Finding out about their previous experiences and discussing future aspirations, whilst developing better personal relationships. I also had an opportunity to develop and build on my professional relationship with Amy, the SLO. We were included in the same team, and spent the day supporting each other as well as our team mates. It was really useful, as I feel we have a better understanding of how we can work together towards supporting students.”