Sylvia Sampong from Ghana

Studying MSc Renewable Energy Engineering

Sylvia Sampong at a school in Blackburn

Sylvia Sampong, International Commonwealth Commission scholar 2018/19, took part in community outreach activity this week. Read about her experience below.

"I was recommended by Mo Isap who is the CEO of Inf4.0 Group, an industry 4.0 training and consultancy based in the University of Central Lancashire Media Factory and at Media City, Salford. The activity involved me sharing my career journey with around 20 girls at Tauheedul Islam Girls’ High School in Blackburn. These students have been enrolled on a mini MBA program focusing on Eco-social enterprise. I had the privilege of speaking to them about my career journey as a woman in STEM, the challenges I have faced and how I overcome them. I shared snippets of community projects I have been involved with and also personal key principles I use to build capacity for influence as a female in the work place.

Since the students will be showcasing their eco-social project at the mini MBA, I gave them insight into my MSc Project and a motivation for choosing the project.  My motivation being that, I want to help my country to have access to a reliable electricity supply with a low carbon footprint. They were enlightened on the need to be self-aware in order to know the problems in the society that they are passionate finding solutions for. I was driven to study Electrical and Electronic Engineering growing up because I did not have access to an uninterrupted power supply, some days I had to study with candles and lanterns in order to get my assignments done. This experience motivated me to pursue further studies in Renewable Energy Engineering at the University of Central Lancashire.  I hope to help my country Ghana explore the vast array of renewable energy sources in order to generate a reliable power supply for its citizens and the African continent as a whole."

09 July 2019

Sylvia Sampong presenting to students

Student's notebook

Sylvia Sampong presenting to students