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Students visit Amsterdam for Conference

A group of UCLan Forensic Computing students have recently returned from a trip to Amsterdam, where they attended the Digital Forensics Research Conference EU 2014 (DFRWS) to better shape their future careers.

The conference has been held for 14 years in America and this year was the first time it has been hosted in Europe, and UCLan assisted with travel costs for the students to go to the conference.

Attending the conference, held in Amsterdam, helped provide the students with a real world insight into contemporary issues surrounding digital forensics. There was a wealth of multinational speakers in attendance which gave the students first-hand experience in the different cultural approaches taken to forensic investigation. The nationalities involved were Dutch, Swedish, American and a range of other nationalities who were scheduled to present their research. Having access to this cutting-edge research provided insights into the employment demands of tomorrow.

John Livesey said: “The conference gave me inspiration on relevant topics that I could choose for the project because all the technologies in the talks were relevant and up-to-date, not from books or papers that were published two or three years ago. It also gave me an idea of how a project should be followed through as the speakers went through the process they took to complete their project and come to a conclusion. It was also nice to see the sights of Amsterdam as it's not every day you can do so.”

The trip consisted of three nights in Amsterdam allowing the students to explore the local heritage and gain a rich cultural experience. When exploring there were many cultural opportunities and attractions such as the Dam Square, Anne Frank’s House, the Royal Palace of Amsterdam, the canal trips and the Van Gogh museum.

Dominic Abbott added: “Amsterdam had some beautiful scenery to explore including attractions such as Ann Franks’ house and the Museum quarter. I felt the conference was extremely beneficial to a Forensic Computing student as it gave a real life insight into the forensic world and make the course seem a lot more relevant.”

The trip has been highly praised by the students who attended and comes recommended for following year groups, if not just for the conference but for the cultural change.