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Students form UCLan Maths Society

UCLan’s Maths Society was founded in 2015 by a group of students from the (BSc) Mathematics programme and provides students from all courses with an opportunity to solve mathematical problems, attend maths-related events and to socialise with people who share a passion for maths.

We spoke to Chairwoman, Nare Gusman to find out more about the Society.

Q. Why was the society founded?
A. As a former class representative, the idea of creating a maths society was brought to my attention by lecturers, who encouraged me to form the society with a small group of friends.

Q. How many members are there?
A. We currently have 75 members, making us the third largest society at UCLan. We welcome all students and have a number of members who are studying non-mathematical related subjects.

Q. How often do you meet?
A. We hold meetings twice a month, where we discuss and complete mathematical problems. We also run social activities and arrange a number trips and events.

Q. What type of activities does the society participate in?
A. We have recently arranged a trip to the Science Museum in London and will also be running a talk on the maths behind Disney, which will be delivered by Kevin Bowman, senior lecturer on the BSc (Hons) Mathematics course. We plan to arrange many more events throughout the year, including collaborations with the UCLan Physics Society.

Q. Does the society run social events?
A. After our twice-monthly meetings we go out for drinks, which is a chance for members to socialise. Throughout the year we also run a number of bigger social events, such as a five-a-side football tournament, a charity quiz and our end of year ball which we share with the Physics Society.

We also run a competitive maths quiz, which is a chance for members to meet new people from within the Society. We split people into teams and task them with solving mathematical problems and the team with the most correct answers wins a prize.

Q. What are the academic benefits of joining the society?
A. We encourage all members to bring any maths related problems they have on their course to our meetings. We have members in all three year groups who can provide help and advice, which we feel will benefit academic study. For example if a first year maths student is struggling with a particular module, they can receive help from a student in Year 2 or 3.

We also offer help to members on other courses, so if a physics or business student is struggling with a mathematical problem, members who are studying maths can provide help. These problems form the basis of discussion in our meetings and give all members an open opportunity to develop their maths skills.

Q. What’s the best thing about being part of the society?
A. It brings everyone studying a maths related degree closer together. For example, at the start of this year we delivered talks to new maths students and encouraged them to join the society. We got involved in their welcome activities, which was an excellent chance for us to get to know new students.