Students Teach Young People in Zambia about HIV and Sexual Health

Students on the BSc (Hons) Sexual Health Studies course recently returned from an eye-opening trip to Zambia; a country where more than 1 in 7 people are living with HIV. The students undertook community outreach at schools and orphanages to raise awareness of HIV and sex education amongst young people in the country. The trip provided a unique opportunity to compare the sexual health services here in the UK, with those in a country where education and resources around the issue of HIV and sex education are limited. Michelle Hubahib, a second year student on the course, commented: “This trip opened my eyes to how a country with such limited resources tackles complex sexual health problems like HIV. I now have a better understanding and a different perspective on how sexual health is tackled in other cultures.”

First year student Natasha Sykes added: 'going to Zambia I didn't know what to expect’, but upon arrival it was extremely humbling to see how people lived and got on with their day to day lives, and how happy they were, especially the children. It made me think of the children back home and how they have everything and still want more. It has definitely made me look at life differently. The best part of the whole experience has to be meeting the children, and I hope that us being there has made an impact on their lives, even if it's just a small one.'