Students win prestigious Advertising Awards at D&AD

Student advertising team Faye Rowbottom and Rebecca Parrish appeared in the ‘Top 5 new designers’ at New Blood in 2016 with an Alzheimer awareness campaign. Their advertising campaign for the Alzheimer’s Society was designed to raise awareness about the symptoms of the disease.

In preparation for the annual D&AD Festival, Faye and Rebecca printed the image of an older person suffering from Alzheimer’s onto two, 2000-piece jigsaw puzzles. One puzzle was already complete on the stand, and another came together over the course of the three-day festival. Visitors donated 50p to the Alzheimer’s Society Festival and helped piece together the puzzle, while a GoPro camera captured its transformation. As the second jigsaw came together, pieces from the original were taken away, representing the gradual deterioration that the disease can cause.

Year 3 advertising students Danny Jones and Syahid Nordin also won a D&AD Pencil for their New Blood entry for the ‘Ford Go’ brief.

Faye Rowbottom and Rebecca Parrish's Alzheimer awareness campaign

BA (Hons) Advertising