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Stephen Jansen

BA (Hons) Screenwriting

Stephen Jansen, a graduate from the BA (Hons) Screenwriting course, is a freelance writer with a huge passion for screenplays and novels.

Initially interested in writing plays, Stephen wanted to move into writing Screenplays, and so decided to join the Screenwriting course at UCLan.

During his time at UCLan, Stephen was the co-owner of a small Theatre called ‘The Chance Factory’, which took on a play ‘A Murder of Crows’ in 2004. It was then chosen by UCLan’s Crumpet Theatre Company (through the Students’ Union) as the play for that year’s Edinburgh Festival. The Chance Factory performed one more play in Buxton called ‘The Ghostfather’, before closing in 2007. Stephen then went back to writing novels and screenplays.

In 2008 Stephen was commissioned to write a play named ‘A Language of Flowers’ for Treager Enterprises in Australia. He was commissioned yet again in 2013 for another client in Australia for the play ‘My Boyfriend is a Zombie’, which was adapted from a book of the same name.

To Stephen’s surprise, his play ‘A Murder of Crows’ resurfaced in 2014 when his theatre agent in Germany informed him that it would be running again on selected dates. This was fantastic news for Stephen as the play is now over 10 years old.

Stephen decided to pursue work as a lecturer. He applied to work as a screenwriting lecturer at UCLan, and in 2014 a position became available. He completed a module for 3rd year screenwriting students from January – May 2014. One of his students has even been put forward for the Jack Rosenthal Award.

Stephen is currently running his own blog, and has completed six novels. One of which, ‘The Light from Dead Stars’ was co-written with an ex-member of the rock band ‘Hawkwind’. An extract from this book has also been published in a magazine in the USA and Australia.

“I feel that some of my greatest achievements include publishing my novels, working at UCLan and having my play translated and performed in Germany,” explained Stephen.

Stephen is now focusing on returning to writing novels and screenplays, and is currently working in a horror script for a producer in Baltimore, USA.