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Stephanie Tang Min Moye AH-SEN


"Going to study abroad can be daunting, yet thrilling. When I first arrived at UCLan, I didn’t feel lonely at all. I was actually quite excited and looking forward to start this new adventure. UCLan’s international team was really helpful, fetching me at the airport, and making me feel at home. They also often arrange trips to places like Old Trafford and Blackpool pleasure beach.

My first impression of UCLan was that there were lots of international students coming from different origins and cultures, allowing me to learn having an international perspective. The library is impressive, with lots of modern facilities and for those with a thirst for knowledge, there’s enough material to make you sated. The university is conveniently located near to the city and the shopping centres. As for the city, I simply felt an instant liking for Preston which is small, safe and cosy, the ideal place to study worry-free.

My pharmacy course is a challenging one which involves lots of self-study and time investment. But I really like it as I find it fascinating and I know that hard work always pays off. The lecturers are not only inspiring but also approachable and friendly. Whenever you have a problem or some doubts, you can just arrange a meeting and they will help you out.

Life at UCLan is not only about studying and getting a degree but also about learning new things and getting involved in your university. This is why I have applied for the M & M mentoring program and as from next year I’m going to be a mentor. I am also a member of the Mauritian society which can relieve, if any, the feeling of homesickness. In any case, I would strongly recommend anyone wishing to come to UCLan to join some of the countless clubs and societies available here. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, but no need to worry in Preston, not with so many nightclubs and bars, shopping centres and restaurants.

So far, my experience at UCLan has been an enriching one and I know that there are more adventures to come. This is why I would definitely recommend UCLan to anyone who wants to study in the UK."