Spotlight on Faye Speed

faye speed

On Wednesday 11th May 2016 the School of Humanities and Social Science hosted a conference ‘Stop the Hate!' which focused on the work of academics, professionals and practitioners. Their work is centred on increasing awareness of hate crimes and hate incidents and towards reducing hate crime in the community.

Third year BA (Hons) Criminology student Faye Speed, who is graduating this year, took to the lecture to co-present a conference paper, Owen and Speed [2016] 'Towards a Genetic-Social, Predictive Model of Cyber Violence' with Dr. Tim Owen, Senior Lecturer in Criminology and a leading theorist in the cutting-edge field of biosocial criminology.

Faye, who is a Research Fellow of UCLan’s prestigious Cyber Crime Research Unit [UCRU] directed by Dr. Owen, spoke with the confidence of a seasoned presenter and was both professional and assured in her subject knowledge.

Faye developed original concepts and ideas for her joint paper with Dr Owen, which raised significant interest from the audience who were keen to follow it up with questions. Faye responded to audience questions thoughtfully and with consideration.

The conference is one event in a long list of success stories for this exceptionally talented, up and coming academic who has also recently co-presented with Dr Tim Owen and Wayne Noble as UCRU at various knowledge-transfer events. These include the Financial Directors Network [including Barclays] on aspects of cybercrime and security.

Faye is also joining Dr Tim Owen and Wayne Noble as an editor and contributor to the forthcoming book, 'Rethinking Cybercrime' for Palgrave Macmillan. Faye has played a key role, with Liz Roberts, in organising the 'Rethinking Cybercrime' conference which is held at UCLan on 27th and 28th June 2016. Booking details online.

Dr Tim Owen is very proud of how Faye is developing as a budding scholar and remarked that: ''Faye has proved a remarkable asset to the UCRU unit. She doesn't just absorb ideas - she also generates them and I can see a great future for her in academe."