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Software engineering student set for Accenture job

A student from the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) has been offered a job at a technology and management consulting giant, after impressing during an internship.

Simon O’Donoghue, a third year student from the School of Computing, Engineering and Physical Sciences will begin Accenture’s graduate consulting scheme upon completion of his BSc (Hons) Software Engineering degree.

Simon opted for a year working in industry in between the second and third years of his degree and became involved with Accenture’s placement scheme. It proved to be a sensible choice and he is delighted to be rewarded with a job offer after impressing his colleagues.

He said: “I received recognition from the delivery team, saying they would not have been able to keep to their deadlines had I not been able to assist them and act as their intermediary.

“This is an excellent step onto the career ladder with plenty of opportunity. Furthermore, working for such an established, global organisation looks great on my CV.”

Simon began the internship as a software engineer but the specifics of the role meant he worked more from a business analyst’s perspective, where he was involved in a major project which saw Accenture compete to produce a national IT system for the newly formed Police Scotland.

At the bidding stage Simon was tasked with designing the functional elements of the system and also liaising with Police, including the ex-Acting Commissioners of the Metropolitan Police, in order to understand what it was that police forces wanted from the system.

A successful bid saw Simon’s role change to one of more responsibility and also allowed him to spend time working in Madrid. Here, he worked alongside the team developing the policing system to specify what it should look like and how it should work.

With a significant amount of the development work being completed in India, Simon was the point of contact between India and offices in London and Spain and was able to advise on the functionality of the system.

Reflecting on the level of responsibility he was given, he said: “I was involved in major decisions that would impact the delivery of the project and making those judgements improves you decision making skills that I have applied in life inside and outside of University.

“Placement isn't just about what it gives your future career and final year at university, it enables you to discover more about yourself, your strengths and weaknesses.”

It has certainly proved to be a journey of discovery for Simon, who now intends to take a different career path to the one he originally intended.

He added: “Before I went on placement, I thought that completing a software engineering degree meant that I went into a software development role. Instead, I will hopefully be going into a technical consulting role, something I enjoy more than software development.”