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Undergraduate degree maps out a new career for Simon

Simon Parker, who graduated in 2012 from the BICT course with a Web and Multimedia minor, has landed a role as a Digital Project Coordinator and Associate at KTP, a Government funded scheme which enables organisations to take advantage of the expertise available in a place such as UCLan.

Many years ago, Simon made a decision to become a professional snooker player. After leaving college with no qualifications due to being hospitalised at the time of exams, he began learning how to play. One day he bumped into Steve Davis, a professional snooker player, who arranged for him to have lessons from his coach who helped Simon reach the major leagues.

20 years later Simon retired from playing snooker and did a few part-time jobs around snooker clubs before he got offered the post of Contracts Manager for a contract cleaning company. According to Simon, this was an ideal opportunity as the owner of the company was due to retire and he thought it would be a good opportunity for him to take over and run the company. However, the economy began to fall and far from running the company, Simon was made redundant which left him with no qualifications and needing a new start.

A close friend who was in his final year at UCLan suggested Simon to go along to an Open Day and give it a try.

Simon said; “I went to the open day where I met some very nice people and was informed that if I would like to attend then I could start the next day. A little shocked and surprised I signed up and then spent four years at UCLan, which I thoroughly enjoyed.”

According to Simon, his degree at the university has had a direct effect on what he is currently doing. Simon shared: “I would have not been in a position to apply for my current job without my degree or the contacts I have made during my time at UCLan. I would like to thank everyone at UCLan, both students and staff for changing my life for the better and giving me qualifications and experience which allowed me to change my future for the better.”