Silvia Wang

International Journalism BA (Hons), 2017

Silvia Wang

International Journalism graduate wins placement at BBC Radio Lancashire

Silvia Wang graduated from UCLan in 2017 with a first-class honours in International Journalism and was recently awarded third place in the Steve Beckett Award studio radio competition, resulting in the opportunity of a two-day placement at BBC Radio Lancashire.

She described her experience on the placement as:

“Mainly listening and learning; it was mostly about experiencing what radio is about, which taught me a lot. Sometimes they asked me to provide suggestions, so it was great for me to have my own input.”

Silvia spoke very fondly of her time at UCLan and her chosen degree subject:

“Journalism obviously carries the responsibility of telling stories and informing important issues. The Journalism course at UCLan really lets you experience what journalism is and what journalists do. We didn’t learn from the textbook or in the classroom, we learnt through practicing our skills in the real world within society.”

Since graduating and choosing to develop her skills further with a master’s at Sheffield, Silvia has expressed how much she enjoys new challenges and how the International Journalism course at UCLan encourages its students to think differently and embrace new prospects;

“I think it is really important to grasp the correct mode of thinking after university study; it will help us with every aspect of our lives, including work and study.

I developed the ability to think and handle issues critically and independently. I think people learn throughout their whole life, and most of time we can’t rely on schools and teachers, we need to find the method and learn by ourselves.”


Hollie Donnelly | 01 March 2018