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Shannen Moore

Religion, Culture and Society, BA (Hons)

I decided to take the placement module as an option during my third year on the Religion, Culture and Society, BA (Hons) course because the end of my degree was in sight, and I knew I needed to prepare myself for my next step. I always knew that I wanted to go into teaching on completion of my degree, and saw this as a great opportunity to get experience whilst also gaining insight into the career itself. I am currently on the secondary PGCE course at MMU through a schools direct route. The school in which I undertook my placement is within the alliance and so the decision to go down this route was made much easier for me knowing how helpful and accommodating the schools were. 

The time I spent on my placement in school not only helped me to get on to the PGCE course but also provided me with confidence so that I feel better prepared to be in the classroom. This confidence showed in my interview and helped secure my place on what is a very competitive course. Whilst all of the modules I undertook at university have been really enjoyable and have helped me, I feel that the placement module was imperative to my future success and provided a bridge to the next step.

Shannen Moore