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Shabib Ghalib Khalifa AL-Busaidi

MSc in Nursing

UCLan was recommended by previous Omani students and I had very good experience with it when I had studied my higher Diploma and Bachelor degree, that’s why I have decided to do my Master in here. Making friends in UCLan doesn’t require much effort since the university environment is friendly in nature. I have many friends from GCC and from other nationalities. The Sport Centre in UCLan is an amazing experience and it is very good place to make friends, myself and my friends constantly meet in the sport centre and enjoying all ranges of sports.

Since I had my higher Diploma, Bachelor and currently my Master at UCLan I am seriously thinking of doing my PhD at the same university. UCLan has very good reputation in Oman and all graduates are welcomed in government and private sectors.

The MSc Nursing is well-structured and delivered in an organised way. It is defiantly going to add new knowledge to my existing one and I am sure it will be enjoyable like the BSc. My ambitions when I have completed the MSc are to promote the nursing practice and provide safe working environment by setting up necessary legislations and protocols. It is similarly important to look at the financial and management constrains and work with other parties co-operatively.

I believe students should prepare themselves for culture shock at the beginning and they should believe in themselves as well. At UCLan, there is always someone ready to help so don’t hesitate to ask. Furthermore, students should organise their time properly and listen carefully to their tutors comments and advice. However, they should have some time for enjoyment as well. Finally, students should invest and use the facilities provided wisely for instant WISER, The <i> and the library are really excellent resources to use.

I heard about the British people a lot and they have been described always as 'friendly' which is what I find. The UK is very modern country and has the leading role in education and modern technology. The UK has well organised transportation network with different varieties which allow you to travel smoothly within the country. Preston is a quiet and secure place to live and most of your needs within few minutes walk. Halal food is not an issue for Muslim students and there are many mosques around plus the Multi-faith centre in the university. UCLan is a well established and clean campus. It has all the facilities and resources which might needed by students. Academics are capable and welcoming students whom they need help.

I have settled quickly in Preston however, you have to give yourself some time to adapt. The most important thing is don’t isolate yourself and if you feel lonely ask for help quickly. By nature, I love to have Asian foods and since they are plenty of Asian shops around the campus. If you are in a hurry, fish and chips is an alternative!

For recreation, going to the gym is one of the most things I love to do. Weekly shopping is an enjoyable experience as well. Getting together with friends for a day out at the weekend especially in the sunshine day is one thing I don’t want to miss.

Every day we are learning new things - I come to know that head nodding means a lot in the UK especially in the class. Also, hand-shaking means friendship and keeping reasonable distance while communicating with others is an essential practice. The good thing which surprised me is that you can disagree with your tutor and you can express that freely in the class.