School Strengthens Inter-professional Education (IPE) – Get Involved!

In September you’ll be able to engage in our Inter-professional Education (IPE) programme where some traditional course content is delivered outside the classroom, exploring topics in greater depth, creating meaningful learning opportunities. The response from both facilitators and students so far has been very positive.

“Listening to the patient – I realised that even very small things can make a big difference to someone’s experience of care.” Student evaluation of a recent IPE session.

A recent IPE session began with three ‘flipped classroom’ sessions where students worked independently before participating in a face-to-face session in one of the lecture theatres. These large sessions focused on an actor–led simulation based around a case study. Students participated by working in small groups within the session and were also invited to ‘take the stage’ and act out the role of one of the professionals involved in the scenario; uncovering some great dramatic talent in our learner groups!

The main session was followed by an hour of small group work led by a facilitator and in which the actors (keeping in role) and patients from UCLan’s service user and carer group, Comensus, were available for questions and to contribute to the discussion. Learners were then encouraged to complete another piece of reflective independent study with the option of completing an entry for their portfolio.

Dawne Gurbutt, IPE lead, tells us: “It is hoped that all of our students will have the opportunity to participate in IPE in the near future. Putting the patient and service user at the heart of IPE is important in working together to improve patient outcomes.”