Sarah Dempsey

BA (Hons) Social Work

How have you found your time studying your course within the School?

My time studying this degree has been incredibly valuable for my personal and professional development. I have made ‘friends for life’ as we have developed together through academic and personal challenges. I have had many opportunities provided to me including 5 trips abroad where I got to see different cultures, perspectives and practice. I also had the opportunity to ‘work’ abroad for 2 months with Erasmus. The course has opened my eyes to the oppression people face, I have become much more critical and aware. The social work degree isn’t just a degree, you learn so much more about yourself and the world. It is challenging due to the reflective nature of the work, but it provides so much opportunity for growth.

How has UCLan helped you?

I have an evidenced academic advisor who supports me both academically and emotionally, I know I can go to him if I come across difficulties on the course. I have a dyslexic support worker who has helped me process my thoughts allowing me to complete my work on time and at a good quality. I have accessed support from WISER who I highly recommend,I am technically a mature student and have little experience of writing so they provided guidance on paragraph structure and the basics of writing which I believe had improved my grades.

I have attended free research seminars which widen my knowledge and allow opportunities to network with professionals. I have attended a book club set up by the school where again, I can network and learn from academics and practitioners. I have spent a significant amount of time in the library with my friends, it is helpful that it is open 24/7! I appreciate lectures where we are encouraged to contribute, I also appreciate that we get opportunities to listen to service users thanks to Comensus.

What would you say to anyone looking to study at UCLan?

Do it! it is the best decision I have ever made. UCLan is a friendly university, lecturers and students are approachable and welcoming. Preston is a unique city that is small enough to feel like a town but lively enough to feel like a city. Everything is in walking distance and transport links are very good.

Any other general experience you have had from studying here that has been useful?

I have been on two FREE trips with the Learning Hub that has provided fantastic training and a memorable experience, highly recommend taking these opportunities.