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Saija Sipila

Course: BA(Hons) Games Design

Saija Sipila is currently developing her portfolio as an Environment artist. She has strong hand painting skills for texturing and she has studied sculpting and the use of overlaid materials to add dimension to her work. She is skilled at low poly modelling and has produced some effective modular scenes.

Saija said,

"I'm currently studying a degree in Games design, and I will graduate in 2013. I have a passion for creating immersive 3D environments that not only look beautiful, but are also unique, interesting, and fun to explore. Even though I have decided to specialise in environments, I'm also very interested in other areas of game design and visual arts in general. My goal is to make this passion into a profession."

Saija is from Finland and has travelled to live and study in the UK. She has knowledge of six different languages. Saija produced the 'Artic Greenhouse' level in her second year and has recently completed the 'Athenium.' Saija creates her 3D models in Autodesk Maya and she has also developed her skills in the use of Autodesk Mudbox.

See her portfolio online.